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Thank you for your inquiry. The editing of a pre-existing work, the changes in text and / or composition (length, tempo, rhythm, arrangement and melody) represents an intervention in the moral rights and requires the approval of the original authors and legitimate publishers.

Enabling us to work on this, we kindly ask you to fill in the questionnaire in the most complete manner as possible. Only then, we will be able to provide you with an individual offer.


We can only provide you with a non-binding offer, since usage is always subject to approval of the original right owner. The rights granted for the usage only become valid upon an official approval. The approval only applies to the copyright share we control and is always subject to approval of the co-publisher in each case.

Name and address of the licensee

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Intended use

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How often and how long is sample used?:
Are Sample-loops used?
If yes, how often and in which length?:
Is the sample usage cleared with the master owner?
In case of a cover permission, it is condition that the adapter will not be authorized as such with our society to ensure he will not participate in any shares due to the original and/or sub-interested parties.

 Declaration of consent under the contact form (must be confirmed with a tick): I have read the Data protection declaration and hereby consent that my details as taken from the inquiry form, including the contact details entered by me there, may be extracted, processed, recorded and used by MELODIE DER WELT GmbH & Co. KG for the purpose of processing my inquiry and in case of any subsequent follow-up questions. You may at any time withdraw your declaration of consent by notice to MELODIE DER WELT GmbH & Co. KG. You additionally have the right to demand correction or deletion of information or a limitation of its processing or of the transferability of its data content. Upon request, you will receive at any time information about the data stored in relation to your person, its origin and recipients, as well as the purpose of the storage of such data.

Please direct any contacts for this purpose to:
MELODIE DER WELT GmbH & Co. KG, An der Dammheide 10, 60486 Frankfurt am Main, Germany