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ALBUM X by The Dark Tenor new in the charts

Frankfurt am Main, September 27, 2023

The new Album X - 10 Jahre Dark Tenor (10 Years of Dark Tenor) has entered the official German Album Charts at number 9! From Nessun Dorma to the Hungarian March, the classical music is rocked! With his combination of rock and classical music, Billy Andrews shows the cool side of classical music by Bach, Dvorak, Bizet, Puccini and others, transports their works into the modern age and takes them out of the elitist corner to make them accessible to everyone...

Edith Stehfest with her husband and album “Regenbogenbraut” in “Sommerhaus der Stars” 2023

Frankfurt am Main, September 25, 2023

Edith Stehfest signed an exclusive author contract with Edition Lebenslinien and MELODIE DER WELT in 2019 and released her first solo album “EXIT” under the artist name “Lotta Laut”. “Regenbogenbraut” (Rainbow Bride) is Edith's second electronic pop album, which has been released now...

10 years Helene Fischer album "Farbenspiel"

Frankfurt am Main, September 19, 2023

In October 2013, Helene Fischer's album "Farbenspiel" was released. What came next, none of those responsible dared to hope for and even the critics had no idea of this impact. The album broke all records...

70 years ago: Founding of Michael Jary Produktion publishing house (10 years later at J. Michel)

Frankfurt am Main, September 11, 2023

The Michael Jary Produktion music publishing company was founded in 1953 and initially operated as a sole proprietorship. Ten years later, the company became a general partnership with the partners Max Jarczyk (Michael Jary's birth name) and Johann Michel, founder of the music publishing company Melodie der Welt...

20 years of Eisbrecher

Frankfurt am Main, August 29, 2023

In 2003, the Bavarians Jochen "Noel Pix" Seibert and Alexander "Alexx" Wesselsky founded the band EISBRECHER, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Noel Pix signed an exclusive contract with MELODIE DER WELT...

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  • Album Charts

    15. 2RoadAlice CooperSV
    50. 15Best Of Helene FischerHelene FischerAD
    65. 64Die 30 besten Schlaflieder für KinderSimone Sommerland, Karsten Glück & Die Kita-FröschAD
    82. 73Die 30 besten Spiel- und BewegungsliederSimone Sommerland, Karsten Glück & Die Kita-FröschAD
    94. 94TekknoElectric CallboyCV

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    3. 2Ballermann Hits 2023Various ArtistsVARIOUS
    5. 9Schlager - Die Hits des Sommers - Das BesteVarious ArtistsVARIOUS
    7. 4Schlager für Alle: Herbst/Winter 2023/2024Various ArtistsVARIOUS
    18. 15Bääärenstark!!! Sommer 2023Various ArtistsVARIOUS
    19. 16Bravo Hits Party - 80erVarious ArtistsVARIOUS
    22. 20Die Giovanni Zarrella Show - Die besten Titel 2022Various ArtistsVARIOUS
    24. 19Schlager BILD 2023Various ArtistsVARIOUS
    25. 21Bravo Hits Party - 90erVarious ArtistsVARIOUS
    27.REEDie Ultimative Chartshow - Die Besten Sommer-HitsVarious ArtistsVARIOUS
    28. 23Rhythm Is A Dancer - 30 Jahre EurodanceVarious ArtistsVARIOUS
    30.REE100 Hits der 80erVarious ArtistsVARIOUS

MDW Synchs

Wie kommen wir da wieder raus? (A Comedy and “Disko Partizani”)

Frankfurt am Main, September 18, 2023

On November 30, 2023, the Austrian comedy “Wie kommen wir da wieder raus? (How do we get out of this again? aka “How do we deserve this 2”), produced by Mona Film, will be released in the cinemas. It's about the pandemic, general unreasonable expectations, vegan poultry and all sorts of other intolerances.

In her new film, Eva Spreitzhofer, who wrote the screenplay and also directed, has dedicated herself to a particularly difficult topic: Christmas. How do you celebrate the most harmonious feast of all time in the middle of the pandemic, especially as a patchwork family? What do you do if your daughter claims, out of provocation, that she is in the wrong body and is planning a reassignment? How many revealed secrets does it take for the most beautiful time of the year to completely escalate?

Shantel's "Disko Partizani" fits perfectly into a comedy. The song, which was recorded together with the Bucovina Club Orkestar, puts you in a good mood. There is hardly anyone who doesn't think the sound is cool. The work is published by Edition Essay, c/o MELODIE DER WELT.

Haus Kummerveldt - a TV series by Goldstoff Filme with IDENTITY by X-Ray Spex

Frankfurt am Main, June 23, 2023

The story of the television series "Haus Kummerveldt", which was produced for ARD and Arte, takes place in the German Empire at the end of the 19th century. Luise (Milena Straube) lives with her father, Baron von Kummerveldt, in a moated castle in Münsterland. She is passionate about literature and dreams of becoming a famous writer. When her father dies, her younger brother Veit (Marcel Becker-Neu) becomes her guardian. Luise has no scope for action in the patriarchal, misogynistic world of Wilhelmine Germany.

"Haus Kummerveldt" is not only the first fictional history short form series in Germany, it is also characterized by black humor and it shows parallels to today's society in terms of sexism and racism.

In Episode 6, the conflict between the siblings escalates. Veit challenges Luise to a test of courage. If she passes, he will grant her independence, if not, then she must marry a count.

In this episode, the song IDENTITY by Marian Elliott-Said alias Poly Styrene (1957-2011) is played (© Maxwood Music Ltd., sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT for G/A/S). The singer was the figurehead of British punk band X-Ray Spex. The song of 1978 is about the "Identity" as a black woman in punk and as a woman in consumer society.

NACKT ÜBER BERLIN - Big city series by Axel Ranisch // Eisern Union

Frankfurt am Main, June 20, 2023

The adaptation of the novel NACKT ÜBER BERLIN (Naked on the heights of Berlin) by Axel Ranisch tells the story of two teenagers, Jannik (Lorenzo Germeno) and Tai (Anh Khoa Tran), who lock their school principal (Thorsten Merten) in his own four walls. Jannik is a music nerd with a sports fanatic father, while technical specialist Tai learned from his Vietnamese parents not to attract attention. One night they meet Jens Lamprecht, their drunken school principal. They lock him up in his smart apartment and Tai takes control of electricity, water and heating. He hacks into his notebook and the two set up cameras to watch him as Lamprecht desperately tries to find out who is holding him captive. The students come across a tragic conspiracy that led to the suicide of a classmate. But there is a plot twist that nobody expects.

In Episode 3 there is a small scene that serves as a homage to the East Berlin characters, who are of course Union Berlin football fans and naturally the song EISERN UNION should not be missing (lyrics and music: Klaus Sperber, Andreas Caemmerer, © Edition Peacelounge , c/o MELODIE DER WELT).

ONE FOR THE ROAD by Marcus Goller with "Couples Must Fight" by Jonathan Richman

Frankfurt am Main, June 19, 2023

When do you realize you have a real problem? In this emotional film, director Markus Goller tells the story of Mark (played by Frederick Lau), who celebrates his life between a major construction site in Berlin as a site manager, exuberant business lunches and rushing through the city's nightlife. One night, drunk, he wants to move his car and is promptly stopped by the police. The driver's license is gone and a medical-psychological examination is ordered. Mark bets with his best friend Nadim (Burak Yiğit) that he'll stay sober until he gets his driver's license back. In the MPU course he meets Helena (Nora Tschirner).

A beautiful film with lots of music. In one scene, Mark and Helena are seen eating, walking, etc. together in a montage while the song "Couples Must Fight" by Jonathan Richman plays in the background (© Rockin' Leprechaun Music (SP: Wixen Music Publ. Inc. / Ruminating Music , subpublished by MELODIE DER WELT). The ironic song is from the album "Her Mistery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow" from 2001. In the USA Jonathan Richman is a star, here he is appreciated by connoisseurs.

THE SWEET EAST with "Mr. Vain”

Frankfurt am Main, June 06, 2023

The new movie “The Sweet East”, directed by Sean Price William (known as a cinematographer for indie films) and written by film critic Nick Pinkerton, is meant to be wild, maybe you could even say weird. It stars some very famous underground greats, including actors Earl Cave, Jacob Elordie, Simon Rex, singer Gibby from the Butthole Surfers and comedian Andy Milonakis.

The film is about a picaresque journey through America today. Lilian gets separated from her classmates on a class trip. A number of gatekeepers want to win her over, so they grant her access to strange sects and cults that are spreading across the land.

It's a journey that captures the spirit of turn-of-the-century melodramas like D.W. Griffith merged with science fiction, with each episode being a journey into a new universe (one of many alternate realities).

The director and his team were very fond of “Mr. Vain" (originally by Culture Beat, written by Nosie Katzmann, Stephan Zick and Jay Supreme, half published by Get Into Magic and Fenslau Musikverlag - both administered by MELODIE DER WELT). The music is used in the scene when Lilian is being held captive in a barn and is watching from the window men dancing.

The film premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

German Lidl commercial with Helene Fischer and a new instrumental of TAKE A BREATH

Frankfurt am Main, May 24, 2023

The new Lidl commercial on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the food manufacturer caused a stir, as you can see Helene Fischer shopping in a Lidl supermarket while her backup dancers dance around her. In the background you can hear an instrumental arrangement with powerful bass beats of "Take a Breath" by Kristina Bach, without vocals, because Helene Fischer isn't at Lidl to sing after all.

Everyone knows the song "Take a Breath" (Atemlos durch die Nacht) in Germany, which is why it is also recognizable in this version. Ten years after its release, the hit is still to hear at every Schlager party. The song by Kristina Bach was produced by Jean Frankfurter and is co-published with EMI Music under the lead of music publisher Franky Boy.

"The Sheikh" on Paramount+ with "Waitin' Around To Die" by Townes Van Zandt

Frankfurt am Main, May 22, 2023

The Swiss director Dani Levy tells the story of Ringo (Björn Meyer), a clumsy guy from the Black Forest, who becomes an impostor because he just can't say no. So he gets the bag of two crooks from a robbery without worrying about the contents. The 100k EUR in it gets things rolling. Actually, Ringo should only give the money back, but he no longer has it, because somehow it happens that he meets the real estate agent Urs (Philippe Graber) and introduces himself to him as the son of the Emir of Qatar. Out of this lie comes a great deceit. Ringo buys a villa at Lake Zurich, founds a shell company and hires people for it. He never puts a cent on the table. Instead, he is courted by the bigwigs.

The story is inspired by the true case of an unskilled worker from the Black Forest, who posed as the King of Arabia in Switzerland and robbed some wealthy people of their money before the impostor was exposed.

In Episode 2 "The Flowering Moor", they use the song "Waitin' Around To Die" by Townes Van Zandt (© 1968 Silver Dollar Music Inc - administered by Wixen Music Publ., sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT), performed by The Be Good Tanyas of 2003. This is an excellent cover version that gives the original another perspective.


The Women's Museum in Hittisau (Austria) uses "Das bisschen Haushalt" in an exhibition

Frankfurt am Main, May 19, 2023

The municipality of Hittisau is located in the Bregenz district and has something that is unique in Austria: a women's museum - it exists there since twenty years. They show exhibitions that are dedicated to women-specific topics from cultural, social, art or architectural history.

From July 1, 2023 to October 27, 2024, the museum is showing the exhibition “BLITZBLANK! From cleaning inside, outside, everywhere”. Among other things, role models and assignments play a central role. In the cultural-historical part, the song "Das bisschen Haushalt" (Housework is a breeze) by Henry Mayer and Hans Bradtke (MELODIE DER WELT, 1977), originally sung by Johanna von Koczian, can be heard over headphones. The hit title is still used as a dictum today and ironically shows the male view of the traditional distribution of roles in housework.

Hammer Hard Boys - A Next Generation Teen Comedy

Frankfurt am Main, May 16, 2023

It's been 23 years since "Harte Jungs" (Hard Boys) with Axel Stein hit the German cinemas. The main point was that Florian's (played by Tobias Schenke) "most precious piece" suddenly spoke to him. Two years later, a second part was released in cinemas.

While every generation of teenagers goes through new things, some things never change. And when the genitals suddenly start talking, it's a challenge for both man and woman. This film sequel, which will be broadcasted on Netflix, stars Charly (Tobias Schäfer plays the son of Rudolf "Red Bull", played by Axel Stein) and Paula (Cosima Henman, who embodies the daughter of Maja Paradis from the second part of the film trilogy) in the centre. The chaos is inevitable.

In the film, the scene in which Charly catches his new girlfriend with her ex is accompanied by the acoustic ballad LITTLE BLACK SUBMARINES (Auerbach/Burton/Carney) by the Black Keys (66.67% McMoore McLesst Publ. – sub-released by MELODIE DER WELT ). The song got gold status in the US.


Let's Swing / Jazzfieber - A documentary about German jazz

Frankfurt am Main, April 13, 2023

A documentary by Reinhard Kungel will be released in German cinemas at the beginning of September. Danceable jazz, i.e. dances such as jive, lindy hop or electro swing, are popular again today. But how did jazz music come to Germany and how did it spread here? How did the style survive the times of National Socialism? The documentary investigates this with interviews and original concert recordings as well as some archive material that has never been shown before.

In 1954 Horst Heinz Henning composed the song DER MANN AM KLAVIER (The man at the piano), with Christine Neuhausen co-writing the lyrics (published by MELODIE DER WELT). The song was recorded by Paul Kuhn. The title became his synonym. The hit became so successful that even Edith Piaf covered it under the title "L'homme piano".

MANTA MANTA 2 with "Inside Out" and "The Other Side Of Me" by Culture Beat

Frankfurt am Main, April 13, 2023

That's where nostalgia comes in. 30 years after the successful film "Manta Manta" Til Schweiger brings a "second part" into the cinemas.

Bertie (Til Schweiger) gave up his racing career some time ago and now runs a car repair shop with a go-kart track attached. When the bank threatens to foreclose on his property, Bertie comes up with the plan to win the prize at a big 90s race on the Bilster hill. In the following month he not only has to get his old Opel car into shape, his ex-wife Uschi (Tina Ruland) also demands that he takes care of their son Daniel (Tim Oliver Schultz). His adult daughter (played by Schweiger's daughter Luna) still lives with him too. Of course, his best friend Klausi (Michael Kessler) is at his side.

When it comes to the 1990s, the sound should not be missing. Thus, two songs by the German Eurodance band Culture Beat were used in the Constantin film. The first song is "Inside Out", written by Nosie Katzmann, Jay Supreme and Doug Laurent (25% Get Into Magic, 25% Fenslau Musikverlag, both administrated by MELODIE DER WELT). The song was a hit in most European countries in 1995. It reached #2 on the RPM Dance Music chart in Canada and #15 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart in the US. The second song is the culture beat ballad "The Other Side Of Me" by Nosie Katzmann, Torsten Fenslau and Peter Zweier (published as above).

Kaufland x Mickie Krause "Aprés-Ski Revival 2023" with I SING A LIAD FÜR DI

Frankfurt am Main, March 06, 2023

A medley with Mickie Krause was re-recorded for the new Kaufland campaign, whereby all lyrics of the works used were changed. In the song "I sing a Liad für di" by Andreas Gabalier (EDITION STALL, c/o MELODIE DER WELT & BMG Klanggold), the excerpt was changed to "I goa' n Knödel für di".

Winter is still here and the Schlager singer delivers a fun feel-good video. In it, he praises the retailer's wide range, because the great joker knows what it needs for a proper après-ski party. For this he sings various party hits, each of which underscore a new scene. For "I goa' n Knödel für di" he even warms up Germknödel (yeast dumplings).

Within a short time, the promotional video had over two million clicks on YouTube alone.

YOU FLEXY THING - McDonald's brings McPlant to Germany

Frankfurt am Main, March 03, 2023

McDonald's approaches flexitarians now, launching meatless nuggets and hamburgers. The successful German DJ and producer "Alle Farben" was hired for the Germany-wide campaign, which will also be running in Luxembourg, and has covered the top song "You sexy thing" by Errol Brown (originally published by RAK London, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT) as "You flexy thing". The TV commercial was conceived by Scholz & Friends agency and presents the new McPlant products, which serve as a plant-based alternative to the conventional offers of the hamburger chain.

German Crime Story: CHAINED - The new Amazon Prime series produced by Neue Bioskop

Frankfurt am Main, January 26, 2023

Neue Bioskop is an independent film production company in Munich and has produced the new Amazon series CHAINED now. In 2010 the Edition Neue Bioskop was founded by MELODIE DER WELT publishing company and their film scores are therefore administered by MdW.

In case of the new crime series, there was the specialty that one of the songs used in episode 4 was published by KROKODIL MUSIK, which is part of the Melodie der Welt publishing group: STERNENHIMMEL (Music: Hubert Kemmler / Ulrich Herter, Lyrics: Hubert Kemmler / Claus Zundel).

The six-part series is inspired by the true criminal case of a German serial killer who became known as the so-called "Acid Killer". In this fictional story, he is given the name Raik Doormann (played by Oliver Masucci), who terrifies Hamburg and the surrounding area in the early 1980s and 1990s. He kidnaps, tortures and brutally kills women in his own nuclear bunker. Victim counselor and later homicide detective Nela Langenbeck (Angelina Häntsch) finds hints and clues about the crimes, but in the male-dominated police department, she encounters unbelieving amazement. Despite all resistance, she finally gets on the track of the murderer and his deeds. The series is not for the faint-hearted.

Photo: Oliver Masucci © Neue Bioskop Television

Love Addicts – Young urbanites, love and Disco Partizani

Frankfurt am Main, January 05, 2023

"Love Addicts" is the new comedy series on Amazon Prime with Annette Frier as a therapist for various love addicts in their mid-twenties in Hamburg. Photographer Zoé messes up shootings because of her sex escapades, Ben is addicted to sex and incapable of relationships, Nele is addicted to romance and Dennis is the unhealthily submissive guy who doesn't dare to leave his dominant girlfriend.

In Season 1 Episode 7, Ben moves in with Dennis and they throw a huge housewarming party, which spirals out of control. Nele is drunk and starts stripping which makes Ben shocked and jealous so he stops her. The scene is accompanied by "Disko Partizani" by Shantel (© Edition Essay, c/o MELODIE DER WELT), a world-famous song and a beat sensation of Balkan pop.

Based on a true story: Wochenendrebellen

Frankfurt am Main, November 02, 2022

Mirco (Florian David Fitz) is rarely home due to work and his wife Fatime (Aylin Tezel) has her hands full with family organization. Not only baby Lucy has to be taken care of, but also ten-year-old Jason (Cecilio Andresen). Jason is autistic and needs a fixed daily rhythm. At school, however, Jason encounters a lack of understanding and is eventually recommended for a special needs school. Now Mirco has to get involved and he makes a pact with Jason. If he tries to stick to his school with his support, then he will find a favorite football club with him, because all his classmates are football fans. A football marathon begins, because before he decides, Jason has to see all 56 teams in all three leagues. Jason sets specific rules. The club must not have a silly mascot, must be sustainable, must have disabled toilets and no Nazis among the fans. The football weekends become a special escape from everyday life and a great adventure for father and son.

The film is based on Mirco von Juterczenka's extraordinary book "Wir Wochenendrebellen” (We Weekend Rebels). In it he tells his story with his son, who was born in 2005 and has Asperger's autism, with whom he has been on a ground hopping tour through the football stadiums in Germany and neighboring countries since he was six.

On their tour they also examine 1. FC Union Berlin and of course the club anthem "Eisern Union" (Lyrics and Music: Klaus Sperber, Andreas Caemmerer) should not be missing as background music (published by Edition Peacelounge, c/o MELODIE DER WELT) . Since Nina Hagen sang her "Eisern Union" for the first time on November 14, 1998, it has become the club's anthem and is one of the best anthems in German football ever.

IWC Schaffhausen advertises with freestyle skier and model Eileen Gu

Frankfurt am Main, October 20, 2022

Luxury watch manufacturer IWC has launched a new social media advertising campaign featuring Eileen Gu in China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. In addition to the presentation of the high-quality watch models, the song “Chequered Love” by Marty & Ricky Wilde, sung by Kim Wilde, also shines for the campaign. It was her second single released in 1981 after her successful debut with “Kids in America”. "Chequered Love" (© by RAK Publ. Ltd., SP: MELODIE DER WELT) was also very successful, selling over a million copies worldwide.

The Italian Sky Original TV series IL GRANDE GIOCO

Frankfurt am Main, September 30, 2022

Èliseo Entertainment has produced a new TV series (directed by Fabio Resinaro, Nico Marzano) in eight episodes for Sky, which will be premiered in Italy in November but can be streamed worldwide on NOW. The transfer market is one of the most exciting areas of football and its golden and ruthless world is now - for the first time - the focus of a TV series. It's about the work of sports prosecutors, economic and political interests, and how their work and the transfer of a footballer can help an entire team to succeed.

The series revolves around the life of Corso Manni, who dedicated his life to soccer and was a luminary in this world as a football prosecutor. It was clear that he was married to the beautiful Elena, daughter of Dino Di Gregorio, a magnate with the most powerful football agency in Italy. But then Corso's life collapsed. Lies, intrigue and an alleged connection to secret bets led to a conviction - he lost everything, his career, his relationship with his father, who testified against him, and his marriage. That's ten years ago now.

All he had left was his best friend Federico, who was also his brother-in-law and who never believed the allegations. He wanted to start a school for young players with Corso. When Di Gregorio wants to give up the scepter for his company for reasons of age, he chooses Federico and not his daughter Elena, who would actually have been the better candidate for the successor. Federico, on the other hand, is not up to the task, registers management failures and finally takes his own life.

Now alone, Corso must face the truth about the past and enemies old and new. He gets help from the young Marco Assari, who dreams of a career as a prosecutor, and from Valeria, Di Gregorio's ex-lover, who is by no means just an it girl. They promote Antonio Lagioia, a young football talent who never left Milan, and fight against the Di Gregorios for the authority of champion Quintana. With the arrival of ruthless Russian prosecutor Sasha Kirillov, an unexpected game of alliances and betrayal takes shape once again.

Will Corso be able to change his destiny and rewrite his history?

In the scene where Corso tries to talk football player Quintana into a new deal at a party at his mansion, the hip hop track THE HORNS by Katch 22, C. Bauss, J.W. Bowman and F.B. Walcher is played in the background, in which Edition Altkönig, c/o MELODIE DER WELT has shares.

With YOU'RE THE VOICE, Telekom calls for more cohesion against hatred on the internet

Frankfurt am Main, September 12, 2022

German Telekom is campaigning for solidarity instead of hate on the Internet with a moving commercial. The focus is on the phenomenon of a vocal minority spreading hate online and thus dividing society. The large, mostly silent majority of users should be encouraged to take active action against hate speech, bullying and insults on the Internet and thus make a positive difference in the online world. The spot will be shown on TV and social media, as well as played on the radio and in cinemas.
The impressive commercial shows a group of five people on a street who start to sing. But instead of singing the original lyrics to the song “You're The Voice”, originally a hit by Australian singer John Farnham, they sing hate speech. More and more people join, forming a larger choir and singing the real lyrics of the song by Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder, Antony Qunta and Christopher Thompson (25% Copyright by Meteor Musik/Ralph Siegel Musikverlage, administered by MELODIE DER WELT). Gradually, the choir of 95 people drowns out the hate lines of the 5 individuals until the climax sounds at the end: "You're the voice, try and understand it | Make a noise and make it clear.”
The Gemeinsam #GegenHassImNetz campaign has been running in Germany since July 2022 and is now being extended to Austria.
Johnny Logan's songs HOLD ME NOW and WHY ME in the Swiss drama "Laissez-moi"

Frankfurt am Main, September 09, 2022

Johnny Logan's ballad "Hold Me Now" (© 1987 by Union of the Heart Music, administrated by MELODIE DER WELT), which he wrote and sang himself, was the winning song of the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest in Brussels.

"Why Me", also composed by Johnny Logan (© 1992 by Shake It Easy, sub-published by Union of the Heart Music, administrated by MELODIE DER WELT for the German-speaking countries), was performed by Northern Irish singer Linda Martin for Ireland at the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest and she won the contest.

Until today, Johnny Logan is the only person to have won the competition singing a song composed for him, then winning it singing an own song and then again composing a winning title.

Both songs are used in the Swiss feature film "Laissez-moi". The debut film by Swiss director Maxime Rappaz tells the story of single mother Claudine, who entrusts her disabled son Baptiste to a neighbor every Tuesday while meeting different men passing by in a mountain hotel in the Swiss canton of Valais, in order to satisfy her sexual desires. One day she meets the scientist Michel, with whom she begins a passionate relationship and for the first time she begins to dream of another life.

The film was produced by Swiss Golden Egg Production together with French Paraiso Production.

Monday um Zehn is entitled now DA KOMMT NOCH WAS

Frankfurt am Main, August 24, 2022

“Monday um Zehn” (Monday at Ten) is a drama produced by BerghausWöbke film production company in Munich and that wowed at festivals. Now the film will finally be screened in the cinemas under the new title DA KOMMT NOCH WAS (There’s still a lot to come).

It's about 62-year-old Helga, who is abandoned by her husband after 39 years of marriage and who doesn't get along with her two daughters. In addition, she has no friends, only acquaintances with whom she meets now and then. When her cleaning lady goes on vacation, she sends a replacement in form of the older Polish man Ryszard. He too is disappointed in his wife and therefore left his home.

In a romantic scene between Helga and Ryszard, “Mr. Vain" is to hear, the unforgettable top Eurodance song, published partly by Get Into Magic Music Publ. and Fenslau Musikverlag, both administered by MELODIE DER WELT.

Bastian Schweinsteiger sings MR. VAIN

Frankfurt am Main, August 23, 2022

The advertising agency Scholz & Friends has created a new, funny autumn campaign for 2022 for the Toom hardware store. Bastian Schweinsteiger and ex-tennis pro Ana Ivanović are testimonials for Toom. "You can argue about taste. Not about sustainability," is the motto of the advertising.

The ex-soccer star sings in the shower (among other things, the energy-saving shower head is advertised) the super hit of the Frankfurt Eurodance band Culture Beat "Mr. Vain” (Lyrics: Jay Supreme & Nosie Katzmann, Music by Nosie Katzmann and Stephan Zick, 50% copyright o/b/o Get Into Magic Music Publ. and Fenslau Musikverlag, administered by MELODIE DER WELT).

Bastian Schweinsteiger sings the song with devotion and anyone could sing along. However, his wife's enthusiasm for her husband's singing skills is limited. This 30-second spot is the heart of the German campaign, which also contains the online spots “Heating” and “Comfort Switch”.

Das bisschen #Haushalt - Campaign of the German Minijob-Center

Frankfurt am Main, August 18, 2022

The Minijob-Center is Germany's central collection and registration office for all marginal employment, the so-called minijobs.

Families and seniors can tell how difficult it is to find a suitable domestic help these days. A campaign was therefore developed to draw attention to the household job exchange.

Das bisschen Haushalt (Housework is a breeze) (Music: Henry Mayer, Lyrics: Hand Bradtke, © 1977 by MELODIE DER WELT) is a classic song that is always used when domestic work is disregarded. In the campaign, this statement is turned into a positive one and the engagement of household helpers is promoted.


Frankfurt am Main, August 17, 2022

Bing Bong is a German gaming platform that is ready to start now. Due to the legal restrictions for online casinos in Germany, advertising has been a problem so far. In the course of this, the question arose again and again as to whether casino advertising is allowed at all and how the world of online casinos in Germany will change after the conclusion of a new gambling treaty. According to that, gambling is possible in every German federal state without restrictions now.

Bing Bong celebrates this freedom of legal online gambling with the song "Witch Doctor" (lyrics and music by Ross Bagdasarian, © 1963 by Bourne Co. New York for the world, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT). The commercial is as cheerful as the song.

"Rex Gildo - The Last Dance" - A docudrama by Rosa von Praunheim

Frankfurt am Main, August 16, 2022

Schlager singer and actor Rex Gildo (1936-1999) was a big star in the German entertainment industry especially in the 1950s and 60s.

With a mixture of enacted scenes, interviews and archive footage, the film by Rosa von Praunheim traces the true story of the man who was successful as "Rex Gildo" and increasingly gave up his personality to be so. Set up and promoted to the end as a heartthrob, "Sexy Rexy" could only live his homosexuality in secret. At the end of his life, increasingly made into a parody of himself by the media, he threw himself out of his apartment window at the lowest point in his career. To this day it is not clear whether it was a tragic accident or a suicide.

The docudrama is based on the biography of the singer and its interpretation by the film maker. It premiered on June 30, 2022 at the Munich Film Festival. The film is primarily about the social context of gay oppression at the time.

In the enacted scenes, newcomer Kilian Berger shines as young Rex Gildo and he was nominated for the New German Cinema Award for this performance. Kai Schumann plays the older Rex Gildo and Ben Becker his first manager Fred Miekley, who was his great love and who at the same time built up his image as mother-in-law favorite. Rex Gildo never managed to overcome Fred’s death in 1988 and after that his decline began.

The song “Wer das verbietet” (Whoever forbids) is used in the film, composed by Henry Mayer with lyrics by Fini Busch (© 1968 by MELODIE DER WELT), and also in the trailer for the film. With this song he took 5th place at the German Schlager Festival in 1968. One could interpret the lyrics as a song of longing for the singer: "Whoever forbids knows nothing about love ... I kiss you in the middle of the city, even if a thousand people see us ...

We’re not looking for the dark.
We don’t beliebe in secrecy.
For a look, for a kiss
is an opportunity everywhere.
Let the world see
that we two understand each other.“

Sébastien Lifshitz tells the story of Casa Susanna

Frankfurt am Main, August 04, 2022

Cross dressing has a long tradition. The Casa Susanna was a small wooden house with a barn at the foot of the Catskill Mountains, a low mountain range in the US state of New York. This is where the first secret organization of male cross dressers hid. Diane and Kate are 80 years old today and they were part of it. In this documentary they tell of the beginnings of transidentities in the 1950s and 60s.

Casa Susanna was managed by Humberto Arriagada (alias Susanna). For many years, Susanna had dreamed of living a double life, dressing and living as a woman and creating a home for like-minded friends. She created the first transgender network in American LGBTQ history.

French director Sébastien Lifshitz has received the French film award "César" several times for his documentaries. In two moments in the film he uses the composition "Tango Poesie" by Joe Rixner of 1947 (West Ton Verlag for Germany, Turicaphon for RoW).

The film will be premiered during the « Giornate degli Autori » at the Venice Film Festival, from August 28, 2022 on.

Movie about GDR fashion by Grimme Prize winner Aelrun Goette

Frankfurt am Main, July 20, 2022

Aelrun Goette wrote the book and directed the film “In a Land from long time Ago”, which has an excellent cast. The film was produced by Tanja Ziegler (Ziegler Film) and will be released in cinemas on October 6, 2022.

The protagonist is the schoolgirl Suzie, who was expelled from school in East Berlin shortly before reunification and is discovered by chance as a model on her way to work. So she enters the fashion world of the magazine "Sibylle" and the manufacturer VEB Exquisit and escapes a life as a factory worker. At the same time, she also experiences the glittering subculture of fashion, where design is primarily created from imagination and passion. She falls in love with a mysterious photographer and learns what true friendship is from the homosexual designer Rudi. The three experience a very special summer. In the end, Suzie has to make a decision. Does she choose her home or career, friendship or love?

The song "Every 1's a Winner" performed by HOT CHOCOLATE (composed by Errol Brown, published by RAK Publ. Ltd. in London and sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT) was used in the film at the end of a fashion show.



KILLING EVE - The Fourth Season

Frankfurt am Main, May 10, 2022

“Killing Eve” is a British TV series for BBC America based on the Luke Jennings thriller novels “Villanelle”. Jodie Comer plays international assassin Villanelle and Sandra Oh her antagonist, British agent Eve Polastri.

Polastri is the first to recognize that it is not a man but a woman who is responsible for some contract killings across Europe. She leads a secret undercover unit that wants to find and arrest this killer in order to get to the people behind. During the game of cat and mouse, the two women develop an obsession for each other.

In Episode 5 of Season 4, titled "Don't Get Attached," Villanelle meets assassin Gunn (played by Marie-Sophie Ferdane), who is even more troublesome than she is. The scene is accompanied by the song "Tzigane" by Hans Blum (MELODIE DER WELT) of 1968, in Dalida's version. For the French version, Blum was assisted by Parisian songwriter Franck Gérald.

Midday Hour (Mittagsstunde) by Lars Jessen

Frankfurt am Main, April 05, 2022

The film adaptation of Dörte Hansen's bestselling novel "Mittagsstunde" (Midday Hour) emotionally and thus vividly describes the development of many German villages. The story is set in the fictional village Binkebüll. Ingwer Feddersen (Charly Hübner) returns after many years and little is as it once was. There is no longer a school, no bakery, the beautiful avenue of chestnut trees has disappeared, as have the storks, only corn grows in the fields now and what has become of the holy midday hour, this daily calm phase when everyone had to be quiet? His grandfather continues to run the village pub, while his grandmother is increasingly losing her mind. But when did this decline begin? In the 1970s, when after the land consolidation, wild plants and birds were blocked out and the big farms let the small ones die? During this time, Ingwer went to Kiel to study and now, after his return, he no longer really knows where his place is. He couldn't really make the city his home either. He turns his back on his professorship at the University of Kiel and faces his past.

The charm of the film, produced by Florida Film (director: Lars Jessen) in cooperation with ZDF, lies in the view of the different times. It takes place in 1965 (before Ingwer was born), in 1975 and in the present. It is also a recollection and a bit of nostalgia may arise when Heidi Brühl's “Wir wollen niemals auseinandergeh’n” (We never want to separate) sounds in a scene. The slow waltz was composed by Michael Jary, the lyrics co-written by Bruno Balz with Gloria de Vos (published by Michael Jary Productions, J. Michel). It was awarded a gold record in 1960 and sold over a million copies in Germany alone.

The theatrical release of "Mittagsstunde" is planned for autumn 2022.

The new Belgian series DES GENS BIEN

Frankfurt am Main, March 03, 2022

The new French-language series "Des gens bien" is being produced jointly by RTBF and Arte. The RTBF/Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles Series Fund was established in 2013. Its goal is to produce high-quality prime-time series for public broadcasters. Hélicotronc in Belgium and Unité in France are shooting the drama series.

It tells the story of Tom and Linda Leroy, a debt-ridden couple in their 30s who decide to commit a life insurance fraud to get money and start a new life. It's also the story of Philippe, a policeman who could have stopped everything but accidentally dies. It also tells the story of Cathy, an insurance broker who investigates against all odds. And it's the story of a small border community left behind by the modern world. It's the story of good people who meant no harm to anyone.

The song Mr. VAIN by Nosie Katzmann, Stephan Zick and Jay Supreme (administered by MELODIE DER WELT for the shares, published by Get Into Magic Music Publ. and Fenslau Musikverlag) fits into the vibe of the series and is used repeatedly in different scenes.


Frankfurt am Main, January 31, 2022

The German Film and Television Academy Berlin, Zeitgeist Film Production and state broadcaster ZDF are jointly producing the project “Alle wollen geliebt werden” for the “ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel” (The little TV-play) section. It is a tragic comedy about work, relationships, family and women, written (together with Florian Plumeyer) and directed by Katharina Woll.

It's an oppressive summer's day when psychotherapist Ina (played by Anne Ratte-Polle) realizes that something is wrong with her. But she's too busy to think about it. She has to take care of her clients, the daughter rebels, her boyfriend wants to emigrate and the mother demands support on her 70th birthday. Just the normal life of a working mother, whose own needs always take second place.

The song YOU SEXY THING by Errol Brown (RAK Publ. Ltd., sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT for the German-speaking countries) is used at the protagonist's maternal birthday party. We won't reveal how, just this much, the original beneficiaries said: „It’s quite a funny scene!“

Picture Copyright DFFB / Zeitgeist / Elisabeth Börnicke

ZWÖLFERLEITN - A medium-length feature film by Fentje Hanke

Frankfurt am Main, January 28, 2022

The young filmmakers Fentje Hanke (director and screenplay), Nina Reichmann (camera), Andrea Kuehnel (producer) and Manuel Mairhofer (producer and leading actor) shot the short film "Zwölferleitn" about love and forgiveness for Toreslas Film with great dedication. In it they pay tribute to the German version of the song "Honey" by Bobby Russell of 1968 (© Russell-Cason Music, Bibo Music Publ., German sub-publisher MELODIE DER WELT also in charge for EMI Phoenix), which was loved by a whole generation and threatens to disappear from the collective memory with the disappearance of this generation.

The film is about a young man who travels to the home of his deceased mother in Tyrol. Here he tries to persuade his grandmother, who has dementia, to move into a retirement home. He is convinced that she is co-responsible for his mother's death, which puts a strain on his relationship with her. Meanwhile, his uncle wants to renovate the former guest house where she lives, and for that the old lady has to be out of the way. But she lives in her own world and imagines that the guest house is still in operation. The relationship between grandmother and grandson relaxes through the music and they get closer again.

The film location Sautens, at the entrance to the Ötztal, has some special features and developed its own traditions due to the earlier cut-off, especially in regard of carnival. In reality, the big pension is waiting for demolition. The special atmosphere of the guest house, which in real life belonged to Manuel Mairhofer's grandfather, and the place itself inspired the team to create the film. The "Zwölferleitn" is the beginning of the carnival, punctually at 12 o'clock, when the parade starts moving.
Picture ©Nina Reichmann (Toreslas Film)




Frankfurt am Main, January 04, 2022

"The Last Name" is the sequel to the comedy of manners "The First Name" in which a couple, to the horror of their relatives and friends, wants to name their son Adolf.

After the Berger / Böttcher family heatedly discussed the (supposed) first name of the upcoming offspring in Part 1 at home, they end up for a weekend trip in Lanzarote/Spain two years later in Part 2.

On her finca there, mother Dorothea (Iris Berben) has a big announcement for her children Elisabeth (Caroline Peters) and Thomas (Florian David Fitz) as well for their better halves Stephan (Christoph Maria Herbst) and Anna (Janina Uhse).

However, those who come to visit are also struggling with their very own problems - whether it is being a parent, in marriage or at work.  So it doesn't take long before the tensions at the family gathering rise once more and well-kept secrets are brought to light again.

"Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)" - By Steve Harley, © RAK Publ. Ltd. London / SP: MELODIE DER WELT, was used in the credits in the first part and opens the new film in the first scenes.


Bitburger Brewery extends advertising contract

Frankfurt am Main, May 26, 2021

The Bitburger brewery is one of the largest German beer breweries. Since 2012 WAITING IN THE WINGS by the Fog Joggers has been the promotional song for the market leader in draft beer.

Fog Joggers is an indie rock band from Krefeld that was founded in 2007. WAITING IN THE WINGS, co-published between MELODIE DER WELT and EDITION GUTER TON, is their greatest commercial success. Their songs are down to earth, in a good mood and simply beautiful.


TO THE NORTH - Film debut by documentary filmmaker Mihai Mincan

Frankfurt am Main, April 29, 2021

Romanian director Mihai Mincan, previously known for his documentaries, is making his first feature film, TO THE NORTH. It is one of the largest co-productions in Romania to date, in which other production companies from Greece, France, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic are involved.

Mincan's story centers on a religious Filipino sailor who works on a transatlantic cargo ship and Dumitru, a young Romanian stowaway. The two protagonists are played by the Filipino actor Soliman Cruz and the German-Romanian actor Niko Becker. The film is inspired by real events. It is expected to be released in 2022.

One or two scenes in the film will accompanied by MR. VAIN composed by Nosie Katzmann, Stephan Zick and Jay Supreme. This song is co-published between the publishers Get Into Magic and Fenslau (administered by MELODIE DER WELT) and Warner / Chappell.


Frankfurt am Main, March 30, 2021

“Wicked Games” is a narrative film by Ulrich Seidl, a well-known Austrian documentary filmmaker. The film is about two grown brothers who come to Lower Austria to bury their mother. Both men return to their own lives, one to Romania, the other to Rimini. But both are forced to deal with their past.

In one scene, Richie Bravo (Michael Thomas) sings to the original recording of SCHWARZE MADONNA (Music: Henry Mayer, Lyrics: Günther Behrle) - published in 1973 by MELODIE DER WELT - which can be heard from a juke box in his father's cellar.

"Wicked Games" is an Austrian / German / French co-production by Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion, Essential Filmproduktion and Société Parisienne de Production as well as ORF, BR and Arte.


Steve Harley - Make Me Smile in BMW's Mini Big Love 2021 advertising campaign

Frankfurt am Main, February 23, 2021

A new commercial for the MINI John Cooper Works will start on March 1st, 2021. The special feature: The spot is used internationally and is part of the “Mini Big Love 2021” campaign.

Background-music of the film is “Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)” by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel of 1975. The romantic glam rock song is characterized by an creative arrangement and a wonderful acoustic guitar solo.

The spot shows the MINI JCW where it belongs, on a rally. What is happening there? Check out the entertaining commercial for yourself.


GOLDJUNGS (Golden Boys) - film adaptation of the collapse of the Herstatt-Bank

Frankfurt am Main, November 13, 2020

The bankruptcy of the Cologne bank I.D. Herstatt was the most spectacular in German history. In the years between 1956 and 1973 the Herstatt Bank had grown breathtakingly, but in 1974 the banking supervisory authority withdrew the license from the private bank.

The catastrophe started with six young foreign exchange traders in their early twenties juggling futures contracts. Herstatt proudly called them his "golden boys". Each of them had a trading limit, but they did not stick to it. This was made possible by other employees of the bank who acted as front men and signed contracts. The “golden boys” gambled away with their forecasts for the dollar to such an extent that almost 90 percent of the bank’s equity was used up.

The state did not come to the rescue. As a consequence of this sensational bankruptcy, which deeply unsettled bank customers, the German banking industry's deposit protection fund was founded.

Zeitsprung Pictures started a satirical film adaptation of this story in autumn 2020, which is told from the perspective of the fictional character Marie Breuer (Michelle Barthel). The film is expected to be broadcast on ARD in spring 2021.

In one scene, Marie is sitting on a roof and talking to another woman about the crash. "En d’r Kaygass" by Hermann Kläser and Wilhelm Herkenrath underlines the scene. The song is a timeless declaration of love to the city of Cologne, published by Otto Kuhl Musikverlag by MELODIE DER WELT.


Frankfurt am Main, November 13, 2020

Two songs by Errol Brown are used in the student short film “Handbook for a Privileged European Woman”: “Everyone’s A Winner” is the intro song and “You Could've Been A Lady” shall be the outro song (both songs published by RAK, London, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT).

The film is produced by Alma Buddecke, Stella Markert and Felix Schreiber from the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. They are producing the film for the program “Europe in Film”, commissioned by the Foreign Office, in cooperation with the German Film Academy.

“Handbook for a Privileged European Woman” deals with the current situation of women's rights in Europe and tells in a sarcastic and humorous how-to guide, how women can survive a patriarchal society.

The film is drastic, ironic, and very funny.





Frankfurt am Main, September 08, 2020

Koryphäen Film in Germany is releasing the comedy "It's For Your Own Good" in October 2020. The plot is known from the Spanish hit movie "Es por tu bien". Marc Rothemund directed the funny concept with Heiner Lauterbach, Hilmi Sözer and Jürgen Vogel.

Brothers-in-law Arthur, Yussuf and Bernhard don’t like their future sons-in-law, for good reasons: One is a revolutionary, the other is a lazy man and has contact with drug dealers and the third is a no longer young nude photographer. They team up to get rid of their daughters chosen men.

In one scene, the whole family is having a barbecue. Everyone enjoys it, only the men don't. The scene is musically accompanied by the song LONELY BOY by The Black Keys (McMoore McLesst Publishing 66.67% copyright - SP: Wixen Music, in this country sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT), a song that no one can resist and one of the most successful by the American rock band.



Frankfurt am Main, August 13, 2020

Radio listeners of the baby boomer generation in the Rhine-Main area do not need an introduction of moderator Werner Reinke from Hessischer Rundfunk. If you mention his name, everyone just sighs: "Oh yes ... Hitparade International ... recording on cassette (just press the recording in time) ... every Thursday". His voice is unmistakable, arouses childhood memories and a longing for the good old radio days, when you listened to certain programs and looked forward to them all week (transfigured in memory).

Andreas Heller shot a documentary entitled “The old love or why Mr. Reinke went to the radio”, in which there are also many rare excerpts from radio programs. The documentary is not only about Werner Reinke himself, but also shows the development of German radio based on his career.

That includes good, old songs. Two sub-published works by MELODIE DER WELT are included in the documentary, produced by Creative Motion Film + Fernsehproduktion: A TOUCH OF VELVET (A STING OF BRASS) of 1978 and LIKE A ROCK by Bob Seger of 1986.


Frankfurt am Main, July 30, 2020

The American performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson has a fascinating voice, which is well expressed in the work "Walking & Falling". It is published by Difficult Music, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT.

Elisabeth Jakobi, who studies at the Film University in Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, has hand-drawn an experimental animated film entitled "Walking while Falling" with Laurie Anderson’s piece as background music. The artist watched the film about a woman who is desperately trying not to fall against all odds and commented: "I like it!".

The short film is to be shown at international festivals from November 2020.

(C) Elisabeth Jakobi

„The Last Word”: Original Netflix series with Anke Engelke

Frankfurt am Main, July 02, 2020

The fantastic comedian, actress, presenter and entertainer Anke Engelke leads a German six-part Netflix original series as a funeral eulogy speaker, who loses both control over her family and faith in her job after her husband’s death. In this tragicomedy there is everything like real life, exaggerated of course.

Why in this series the club anthem of 1. FC Union Berlin can be heard (once legendarily sung by Nina Hagen with the title EISERN UNION, published by Edition Peacelounge, c/o MELODIE DER WELT) can be seen on Netflix in episode 3.

ARE YOU LONESOME TONIGHT? in "Nightlife" (Simon Verhoeven)

Frankfurt am Main, June 10, 2020

In February 2020 "Nightlife" with Elyas M’Barek, Palina Rojinski and Frederick Lau was released. An amusing film in which nocturnal Berlin is the theme. From romance to crime, everything is included.

"Are You Lonesome Tonight” by Roy Turk, Lou Handman, in the German version by Kurt Feltz (copyright by Bourne Co., sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT – proportianal shares in German-speaking countries), accompanies a scene in the Maratonga Bar which Sunny (P. Rojinski) visits. Old couples dance to the singing of Peter Alexander, who covered the pop ballad in German in 1960.

"Nightlife" became the top-selling film in the German cinema charts right after the first screening weekend.




Frankfurt am Main, April 29, 2020

The Deezer TV commercial “Let’s Party” has been running since October 2019 and has now been extended again. Here you see a young man on a construction site fence shaking his head in time with a vibrating device. Shortly after, he takes out his smartphone and dances to the Euro dance classic “Mr. Vain” (each 25% copyright administered by Melodie der Welt for Get Into Magic and Fenslau Musikverlag).


DIE MUSIFANTEN – In einer kleinen Konditorei

Frankfurt am Main, March 18, 2020

In the animated mini-series “Musifanten”, produced by Ahoi-Film (co-produced with children-channel KIKA and the broadcaster RBB) for the "Sandmännchen"-series (Sandman – TV series for infants), the retired fat circus elephant Grandpa Günter and his grandson Charlie make musical trips to the 1920s and 1930s.

“In einer kleinen Konditorei ("In a small pastry shop") Grandpa Günter sings wistfully of his old love, with whom he always went to the same pastry shop. His grandson Charlie is less interested in the story, but he enjoys the clumsy waiter penguin. The song, which is best performed in this lovingly designed story, is a successful tune by the Viennese composer Fred Raymond from 1928. Originally published by Edition Scala in Vienna, the copyright passed to the music publisher MELODIE DER WELT in 1958.

The premiere of "In einer kleinen Konditorei" by the Musifanten in the KiKA is on Friday, March 20, 2020 at 09.10 am.

"In einer kleinen Konditorei" will be shown in the programme "Sandmann" on Friday, May 29, 2020 in rbb, MDR and KiKA.

HELMUT NEWTON – Documentary on occasion of his 100th birthday

Frankfurt am Main, January 24, 2020

Helmut Newton, born on October 31, 1920 and deceased in Los Angeles in 2004, is a legend. The cosmopolitan lived a life like in the film and this is now told by the well-known director Gero von Boehm in his 90-minute cinema documentary "Helmut Newton - The Bad and the Beautiful".

Helmut Newton was best known for his provocative acts. He broke taboos as early as the 1950s and 1960s. Photos for well-known fashion magazines, but mainly for "Vogue", contained an erotic imagery that also included fetishism and SM. He also photographed for "Playboy" magazine. After many years as a fashion photographer, Newton concentrated on nude photography from the late 1970s. This made his art controversial and a political issue for feminists. Newton was also known for his artistic portrait photos. The documentary is in the selection for the German Film Award.

Steve Harley's MAKE ME SMILE (COME UP AND SEE ME), published by RAK London and sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT, runs through the documentary, can be heard in several scenes and in the credits. It is an unforgettable glam rock song from 1975.

Lindenberg! Do your thing

Frankfurt am Main, November 27, 2019

Udo Lindenberg does his own thing until today and survives all time as an icon of German rock history.

On January 16, 2020, the biographical feature film "Lindenberg! Do your thing" will be released in the cinemas. It relates the story of Lindenberg's childhood in Westphalian city Gronau, from his beginnings as a jazz drummer as well as his first major stage appearance in 1973, where he experienced his breakthrough.

A companion of his life was the music of his time, including the songs "Gamblers Guitar" (1957 Frederick Music via WEST TON VERLAG, sung in the German version by Fred Bertelmann, to be heard from the jukebox in a bar scene in Gronau) and "Judy, I Love You" by Chris Andrews (1971 MELODIE DER WELT, sung by Bata Illic, to be heard in a scene in a pub on the Hamburg Reeperbahn).

Media Expert Poland advertises with ELOY song

Frankfurt am Main, November 05, 2019

The Polish electronics retailer Media Expert launches a long-term campaign with the song "Time To Turn" by German artrock band Eloy. For this purpose, the lyrics have been changed and the song newly covered.

"Time To Turn", published by Edition Rock-Melody at MELODIE DER WELT, is one of Frank Bornemann's most successful songs from the early 1980s. It was covered in the late 80s by the rock band Budka Suflera in Poland and is still popular today.

Mein Lotta-Leben (Lotta’s life)

Frankfurt am Main, October 29, 2019

The book stories about the eleven-year-old Lotta and her chaos life are very popular and were filmed with a story of its own by the children's film-experienced director Neele Leana Vollmar this year.

The film was awarded with the Guild Film Award 2019 by the Association of repertory cinema operators in the category "Best Children's Film" in September.

Included in it is the "Sonnengruss Remix" of the song "Begging" by Lions Head aka "Iggy" Uriarte (MELODIE DER WELT, Edition DeTeCe at MdW and Tanzdichglücklich at Universal). "Begging" was one of the most-clicked tracks in spring 2015.

Der letzte Bulle (The last cop) - from TV to cinema

Frankfurt am Main, October 28, 2019

On November 7, 2019, the movie "Der letzte Bulle" premieres. Henning Baum plays his parade role for the big screen this time. It tells the same story as in the crime series that was broadcasted by Sat1, in condensed form. It is about a police officer who was in a coma for 25 years because of a head shot and suddenly wakes up. No longer up to date, he returns to the police service and works smart and macho-like in an old school manner. His handling of the sensitivities and the everyday life of the 21st century brought the character dream quotas already on television.

In one scene, the song MR. VAIN by Nosie Katzmann, Stephan Zick and Jay Supreme is to be heard on the radio, which was a number one hit in 1993 by the band Culture-Beat, became the best-selling single in Europe and made it to # 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. The piece is published by the publishers Get Into Magic and Fenslau Musikverlag, both administered by MELODIE DER WELT, as well as Neue Welt Musikverlag.

Munich was my first love by John Miles

Frankfurt am Main, October 11, 2019

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know it, the world hit “Music” by John Miles of 1976 (published by RAK, London, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT). The public utility company in Munich (Stadtwerke München) had the idea to ask the British singer and composer to re-sing his song for them with a lyric change: Music became Munich.

And indeed, the famous musician was ready to personally pick up the microphone. "When I was approached by Stadtwerke to record my song 'Music Was My First Love' but using 'Munich' instead of 'Music' it was an easy decision. I have always loved performing in Munich and such a lovely city to visit. There are so many interesting places and can always be assured of a warm welcome." (John Miles)

The result is an emotional commercial with Munich as the protagonist.

The Components of Love

Frankfurt am Main, August 28, 2019

At the latest when love has become a burden and finally breaks, it is time for an inventory. In fragmented scenes, the film "The Components of Love" draws the elliptical portrait of a modern family. It is a serious breakup comedy with singing elements. The film has been produced by Clemens Köstlin as a student graduation film for the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. It premiered at the Berlinale Section Perspektive on February 12, 2019. Quickly a distributor was found and so the film came into German cinemas on 22 August.

The music runs like a red thread through the film. However, it is a very specific kind of music: old German Schlager. The songs form the meta-level to the film plot, a self-deprecating commentary - because the film characters sing the songs themselves. In one scene Georg sings for Sophie's baby “Am Golf von Biskaya” ("On the Bay of Biscay"). This was originally a shanty song “Fahr mich in die Ferne mein blonder Matrose” ("Sail me faraway, my blond sailor") by Jakob Pfeil – a durable melody of the 1930s, published by West Ton Verlag (publisher affiliated with MdW).

Photo: Sophie (Birte Schnöink) and Georg (Ole Lagerpusch)

Rotkäppchen Night of the Choirs 2019 with Michael Patrick Kelly

Frankfurt am Main, August 20, 2019

The champagne brand Rotkäppchen-Mumm will host the "Night of the Choirs" competition this year again. Music producer Dieter Falk will set up a new choir with applicants who are applying and coaches them. The goal is to make a real community out of 33 singers who have never sung together in just 24 hours. The choir, along with the three winning choirs, will perform together with successful musician Michael Patrick Kelly on November 30, 2019, singing his songs, among others

Lyrics and Music: Michael Patrick Kelly & Clayton Damoy Morrison
Melodie der Welt GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt / Main for G/A/S
(55% copyright)

Michael Patrick Kelly is godfather of the Rotkäppchen Night of the Choirs in 2019. The final concert will take place on the stage of the Lichthof of Rotkäppchen champaign factory in Freyburg (Unstrut).

German Celebrity Big Brother 2019

Frankfurt am Main, August 16, 2019

The summer celebrity hype starts on 9th August 2019 again and Sat.1 launches a campaign before. You can see glittering game booths, rides and food stalls as well as dolls that may have something to do with the celebrities who will be in the Big Brother house this time. The spot is musically framed with the song "Moviestar" by Harpo (RAK Publ., London, sub-published by MdW).



Frankfurt am Main, April 11, 2019

The German version of the story of Leo, Jonas, Emma, Alex, Toni and Hugo touched an audience of millions. After the unique success of the German VOX series fans can now see them again in the cinema: In the film, which is based as well as the series on the experiences of Albert Espinosa, we learn what happened before the start of the first season.

Thoughtful, humorous and warm-hearted, the film tells the stories of the six main characters who end up in a great friendship: The RED BAND SOCIETY.
We are happy that our sub-publishing work VULTURES, interpreted by Jeremy Loops, was used in one scene (RAK Publ. among others).

Icarus. Legend of Mietek Kosz

Frankfurt am Main, March 22, 2019

ICARUS is a biopic about Mieczysław "Mietek" Kosz, a Polish jazz musician, who went blind at a very young age. Sadly, his brilliant career was cut short: tormented by demons and loneliness, Kosz died at the age of 29 in 1973.
The song HOTTA CHOCOLOTTA by Vic Mizzy and Milton Drake (subpublished by H/B Webman Co. / Musikverlag JOHANN MICHEL) will be played in four different scenes, sometimes on a harmonica, sometimes on the piano, always with great passion.
The film shall be released at the end of the year.

(C) Photo: Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe, Next Film, Sielsia Film, Canal+ Polska, Mazowiecki Fundusz Filmowy, Poslki Instytut Sztuki Rimowei, Telewizja Polska

The Real Ghostbusters of PLAYMOBIL return

Frankfurt am Main, March 03, 2019

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the movie "Ghostbusters", PLAYMOBIL is releasing a remake of the intro featuring characters and original song for the cult series "The Real Ghostbusters" of 1986 in the Playmobil style. The series was based on the feature film original of 1984. The title song by Ray Parker Jr. (© Raydiola Music, sub-published by MELODIE DER WELT, and EMI) won a Grammy in 1985.einen Grammy.

Family comedy: TANGO SHALOM

Frankfurt am Main, February 14, 2019

Joel Zwick, director of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", is producer of a new comedy with a beautiful message about tolerance and love. The Stars in the movie include academy nominated actress Renee Taylor from the TV show "The Nanny", Emmy award winning Joseph Bologna and Lainie Kazan from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". TANGO SHALOM is about a Rabbi and amateur dancer who wants to save the Hebrew school of his community in Brooklyn from bankruptcy. For this purpose he thinks about to participate at a TV Tango contest with a beautiful female Tango Dancer. There is only one problem, due to his religious beliefs, he is not allowed to touch a woman. This puts him at odds with his wife, his family and the Grand Rabbi. The film is in the post-production now and will be released soon. The song PAPA CHAJES with the Amsterdam Klezmer Band (© Edition Essay, c/o MELODIE DER WELT) will be heard in it.

The Golden Glove

Frankfurt am Main, January 30, 2019
Internationally renowned director Fatih Akin will present his new film "The Golden Glove" at the Berlinale in February. It is a kind of horror film about the murderer Fritz Honka from the Hamburg redlight district in the 1970s. The Reeperbahn pub "The Golden Glove" plays a central role in the history and the jukebox plays songs from those years, such as our titles "The Heart of St. Pauli" (Michael Jary production, J. Michel) and "Black Madonna" (Melodie der Welt).

Biopic „Der Junge muss an die frische Luft"

Frankfurt am Main, December 01, 2018
Two songs from affiliated publishers of MELODIE DER WELT are used in the film, which is based on Hape Kerkeling's eponymous autobiographical bestseller: TRIZONESIEN SONG (Karl Berbuer) and AM ROSENMONTAG BIN ICH GEBOREN (Charlie Niessen / Franz Rüger).

The Best in McDonald's Thank You Spot

Frankfurt am Main, November 01, 2018
In his social media ad, McDonald's shows a member of the management team who praises an employee by singing "The Best" (Chapman / Knight) in a flash mob style, and says Thank You.

Movie „Never Look Away"

Frankfurt am Main, November 01, 2018

The German movie "Never Look Away" premiered in September 2018 as part of the 75th Venice International Film Festival. It was directed by Oscar® winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck. The song "A Thousand Mandolins Should Sound Today", published by MELODIE DER WELT, was written by the librettist Walter Brandin, with music by Willy Mattes and sung by Vico Torriani in 1954. It can be heard in four scenes. "Never Look Away" has been chosen as the German entry for the Academy Awards 2019 in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" and was released on October 3, 2018 in German cinemas.

SO MUCH TIME - film adaptation of the novel by cult author Frank Goosen

Frankfurt am Main, October 10, 2018

"So much time" is a story set in the Ruhr area, its characters living by a loveable mixture of tough exterior and inner warmth. The movie is brutal, funny and sad at the same time. A movie with a popular cast consisting of Jan Josef Liefers, Jürgen Vogel, Matthias Bundschuh, Ritchie Müller and Armin Rohde, that has to maintain a delicate balance between fun and gravitas at all time. MAKE ME SMILE by Steve Harley (© 1975 by TRIGRAM, c/o RAK PUBLISHING Ltd., sub-publisher MELODIE DER WELT) describes Harley's feelings after the split of his band and fits in well with the concept of the film.

Everlasting Love in kinder Riegel TV-spot

Frankfurt am Main, 01.08.2018
The song from the Kinder Riegel advertisement with the spot title "Quirks" is a cover version of "Everlasting Love". Ferrero tells different stories of the love relationship between Milky and Schoki for years already. This time it's about the little quirks that creep in with a couple over time.

First Name – Film after the play „Le Prénom" by La Patellière and Delaporte

Frankfurt am Main, October 10, 2018

Sönke Wortmann shows in his remake of the French comedy two couples and one single who meet for what is supposed to become a cosy dinner-date. Thomas (Florian David Fitz) and his wife Elisabeth (Janina Uhse) are expecting a baby-boy, and, when he is pressed for their choice of name by his friend Stephan (Christoph Maria Herbst), Thomas announces, that their son will be called "Adolf". This gag sets in motion an evening rich of emotional discussion and in-fight. MAKE ME SMILE by Steve Harley (© 1975 by TRIGRAM, c/o RAK PUBLISHING Ltd., Subverlag MELODIE DER WELT) accompanies the last scene.

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